Variations Of The Punch

Written and Demonstrated by Sifu Ian Garbett

The Inside and Outside Whip Punch


From the basic preparatory position, complete the left straight fist punch (Always a good idea if student is right handed, it follows you should start with the weakest hand). Return said fist in a downward circular and towards the right shoulder: as you retract the fist rotates, the elbow is fairly constant as a fulcrum during this movement. And then continue to circle up and in towards the centre and out the fist as before rotates to suit the movement until a in vertical position knuckles aligned with centre line whips forward down the centreline with a straight punch. As it goes the whole action is delivered in a circular and straight action.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3
Figure 4 Figure 5

Time must be taken to develop the proper retraction and extension with suitable circle and straight conclusion.


From the basic preparatory position begin with the left straight fist punch retract in a circular motion again the elbow acting as a loose fulcrum, downwards, backwards and outward in a swinging motion. And whip forward into the centreline.

Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8
Figure 9 Figure 10

Inside and Outside Combination Drill

Commence with left vertical straight fist punch, complete the inside whip then go on to the outside whip from that position with continuance, then again the inside whip: this movement has the look of the figure eight and is continued increasing the number of repetitions each time practised. When this drill has been performed on one side repeat on the opposite side train one side following immediately the other side.

In all instances, the punch completed, the elbow should be relaxed in preparation for the next punch.

Further illustrates the point of view of the circular becoming the linear.

Intercepting Two Man Drills

Both begin in the basic position. The attacker throws a left inside straight fist punch. It is blocked by a right outside straight fist punch. The attacker then strikes with a right straight fist punch this is parried by a right inside whip punch. The attacker then strikes with a left inside straight fist punch, which is countered by outside whip punch. In executing the interceptions ensure the attacking arms are pushed down and out of the way of the defending attacks.

Alternate the hands.

Lifting Punch

Start in the basic position. The left clenched fist is brought down to the waist level at 45 degree to the body, (knuckles on the centreline). Elbow slightly bent and relaxed: the punch is executed directly up and along the centreline straightening the arm fully upon completion of the extension, as with the vertical straight fist punch

Repeat on the other side.

Downward Punch

Prepare for a downward strike from the basic position. Punch at 45 degree from the body with the bottom three knuckles of the fist on the centreline. The fist rotates until the palm of the fist is flat.

Repeat on the other side.

Intercepting Fist Two Man Drills

Both begin in the basic position. The defender drops his fist down to the position described beforehand. The attacker uses the inside vertical straight fist punch. This is defended by the rising outside vertical straight fist punch. This is repeated on the other side.

The counter is the same when defending against an outside straight fist punch except the reply is inside the attackers arm again from a rising position.

Repeat on the other side.
Then when accomplished, alternate.

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