Sil Lum Tao

by Rien Bul

Sil Lum Tao

Sil Lum Tao literally means "The Shaolin way". The Red Junk opera-people believed their system originated from the Shaolin (Sil Lum or Siu Lum in Cantonese) Temple. To hide the Shaolin connection, they would say it meant, "Training a little bit in the beginning".

The first form of Weng Shun Kuen consists of the following techniques:

1.Dai sheung kang sao   86.Choh noi huen sao
2.Ko sheung kang sao 43.Cheung chum sao 87.Choh oi huen sao
3.Sheung kuan sao 44.Cheung jutt sao 88.Choh sao kuen
4.Sheung sao kuen 45.Cheung bil sao
46.Cheung gong sao
5.Choh fung ngan kuen 47.Cheung sao kuen
6.Choh noi huen sao
7.Choh oi huen sao 48.Choh hoi san pak sao
8.Choh sao kuen 49.Choh kuan sao
50.Choh wang cheung
<< Saam Bai Fut >> section:
51.Choh noi huen sao
9.Choh tan sao 52.Choh oi huen sao
10.Choh noi huen sao 53.Choh sao kuen
11.Choh fut sao
12.Choh fook sao 54.Yao hoi san pak sao
13.Choh noi huen sao 55.Yao kuan sao
14.Choh fut sao 56.Yao wang cheung
15.Choh tip san pak sao 57.Yao noi huen sao
16.Choh wui sao 58.Yao oi huen sao
17.Choh tsing cheung 59.Choh faat tan sao
18.Choh noi huen sao 60.Choh Chum sao
19.Choh oi huen sao 61.Choh tan sao
20.Choh sao kuen 62.Choh noi huen sao
63.Choh oi huen sao
21.Yao tan sao 64.Choh sao kuen
22.Yao noi huen sao
23.Yao fut sao 65.Yao faat tan sao
24.Yao fook sao 66.Yao Chum sao
67.Yao tan sao
25.Yao noi huen sao 68.Yao noi huen sao
26.Yao fut sao 69.Yao oi huen sao
27.Yao fook sao 70.Yao sao kuen
28.Yao noi huen sao 71.Choh jeung tsiang bong sao
29.Yao fut sao 72.Yao tan sao
30.Yao tip san pak sao 73.Yao pao dai cheung
31.Yao wui sao 74.Yao noi huen sao
75.Yao oi huen sao
32.Yao tsing cheung 76.Yao sao kuen
33.Yao noi huen sao
34.Yao oi huen sao 77.Choh chap sao
35.Yao sao kuen 78.Yao chit sao
79.Choh chit sao
36.Choh dun sao 80.Yao chit sao
37.Yao dun sao 81.Choh chit sao
38.Hau cheung dun sao 82.Yao chit sao
39.Tsing cheung dun sao
40.Cheung wui sao 83.Choh Faatshaan Kuen
41.Cheung fak sao 84.Yao Faatshaan kuen
42.Cheung wui sao 85.Choh Faatshaan kuen

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