Sticking hands

(Doan Chee Sao)

Written by Sifu Ian Garbett.

Demonstrated by Andrew Dennis and Anand Pillay

Two Man: Variation No. Three Free fighting (San Sao) 

This drill is a very important part of estimating whether someone’s Chi Sao principles are developing into the appropriate sequences. Photographs here are typical of the stages through which the martial aspect is practiced in a variety of situations. It is surprising to discover this step to the fighting art of Wudang Weng Shun Kuen trains you to be fully present, dissolves anticipation; teaches you objective focus on that which is happening.

Through this practice you learn perfect theory either choreographed or moving improvisation. With fixed responsive techniques imagined and situations otherwise appropriate.

Learn this fighting skill without injury and correct focus on good position and energy. The sequence is demonstrated through photographs one to four.

Maintain light arm contact and go through the set of sequences with a loose use of technique, placement and move around with random steps always controlling the centreline.



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