Sticking hands

(Doan Chee Sao)

Written by Sifu Ian Garbett.

One Man: Variation No. Four Full Circle

Everything before was to do with the development of the upper gate defence. This stage is an inclusion of the Lower gate methodology. Again mastering the basic of trained relaxation subconsciously by passing the normal responses of the brain.

The movements are as before with penetrating force and done in a practised and calm relaxed manner and presented in the basic fundamental Wudang Weng Shun Kuen Horse stance: the emphasised on being rooted with lightness but able to move instantaneously when the spontaneity of movement is necessary.

The Bridged Contact is done in this instance with 

  1. Open Hand Block
  2. Vertical Palm Attack
  3. The arm is brushed down to a position at waist level
  4. Low Wing Arm Block
  5. Low Spade Hand Block
  6. Circular Wrist Block
  7. Cannon Punch
  8. Monkey Hand
  9. Drop Elbow Block
  10. Lower Fist Attack
  11. Lower Open Hand Block
  12. Lower Vertical Palm Attack (Fingers pointing downwards)

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